Client Side Rendering vs Server Side Rendering: What to choose for your application?
In the digital era, where speed, performance, and interactivity are crucial factors for the success of web applications, the choice between Client Side Rendering (CSR) and Server Side Rendering (SSR) becomes incredibly important. How you render content on a web page can significantly impact user experiences and application performance. In today’s world full of [...]
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Software Development Trends 2023: AI, Cloud Computing, and IoT (Part One)
In today's world, software development is becoming extremely dynamic and full of constant changes. The IT industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy, constantly generating new challenges and opportunities. In the world of technology, staying up to date and following trends is crucial for the success and efficiency of our work. The year 2023 promises to be a time of remarkable innovations and changes that will have a significant impact on how we create software. New technologies, business trends, changing customer preferences [...]
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MVP Product Development - from idea to product testing, roadmap in MVP.
Facebook, Twitter, Zappos, and Uber - what connects these brands? They all started with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development. Properly conducting an MVP from idea to testing and release is not easy. Therefore, many companies and startups utilize a method called an MVP roadmap. The roadmap is not the only method that can support your startup and MVP development, but this article will [...]
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Do you need a native mobile application?
In many companies that aim to expand their business to mobile devices, the idea of creating a mobile application arises. Due to a lack of knowledge about alternative solutions, these companies often outsource the development of a native mobile application to an external provider. The recurring problem here is the fact that native applications require the creation of two separate applications for different platforms (e.g., iOS and Android). This results in [...]
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