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Why we use Angular

Can be used to develop native and PWA apps

Code versatibility

Quick and relatively simple e2e tests

Readily available components

Great community

Why use Angular in your project?

Development of complex web applications with Angular’s CLI and its functions is relatively faster than web application development in pure JavaScript.

How we use Angular in iMakeable?

Angular uses ready web components, which results in good code readability fast project development.

When should you use Angular?

If you would like to develop your web application, internet service or marketplace, it is worth considering using Angular. It has a very simple set of commands (CLI) which allow us to configure your project in just a few minutes. Angular also offers very detailed documentation with examples of live code usage. If you would like to focus on delivering your minimal viable product (MVP) as soon as possible, Angular Material with its ready UI components should be your go-to technology.

Why you should be using Angular in your project?

4 Benefits of Angular you should know


Angular uses TypeScript architecture, which is a typed language. A huge benefit of using TypeScript in your project is that it allows for the elimination of potential problems with variable types. Another advantage of Angular over other technologies is code readability, as TypeScript forces the software developer to write his code within a specified pattern.


Angular’s modularity is one of many features which make it special in comparison to other Javascript frameworks. Its architecture is based on modules consisting of components used in the application. This results in much cleaner code and project simplicity.


Starting a new project often means that you will need to create lots of configuration files and environments while writing numerous lines of code. Angular’s CLI application is perfectly suited for creating new projects with a single set of commands, which enables the addition of new components or modules

Great community and popular libraries

Angular is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks. The first version of Angular is drastically different from the latest one, but many companies still use Angular JS and hesitate to upgrade to Angular 2+. There are many dedicated libraries and tools which can be found on NPM.

Angular usage by iMakeable

An example of our great work!

We use Angular in projects with complex and well-developed frontend. At iMakeable, we mainly focus on the 2+ version, but we also write code in older versions of Angular framework. As a great example of our work, we developed an ERP system for a logistics company. In this case, Angular allowed our team to quickly jump-start the project and to use well-described functionalities, making our work more efficient.


Why should you work with us?

Our team is fully dedicated to ensuring you are 100% satisfied. Working with trustworthy professionals guarantees the highest possible standards. Our primary directive is to meet all of our client requirements, whether they are related to writing code, graphic design or just consultancy.


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