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Dedicated IT services for startups and companies

Our work revolves around creating bespoke web and mobile IT applications for startups and companies. We are not just software developers - we also offer assistance in the form of business consultancy and the implementation of changes in IT solutions. We are able to tailor our services to achieve intended goals - regardless of your needs and however complex they might be.

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What can we do for you?

MVP Development

We specialize in creating MVPs for web and mobile applications that meet the business objectives of startups. We understand how crucial time to market is for you and the importance of starting work on product-market fit. Thanks to our refined processes, we can quickly and at a relatively low cost create a minimum version of the product that you can introduce to any market.

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How is an MVP created at iMakeable?



Together, we will plan the MVP project!

    • Consultations and defining business goals
    • Analysis and project planning
    • User research



Let's start working on the MVP!

    • Tool setup
    • Project assumptions summary
    • Introduction of the team of specialists


// Phase III - Development (2-week iterations)

Let's create your product!

    • Sprint planning - iteration planning and task allocation
    • Design and Development
    • Preparing test scenarios


// Phase IV - Project Delivery

Let's show our project to the users!

    • Gathering data from analytical tools
    • Handing over technical and design documentation
    • Collecting user feedback


// Phase V - Further project development

Let's create new features for your users!

    • Planning changes and new features based on collected data
    • Application maintenance
    • Collaboration on subsequent project stages

Web Applications

Web applications can be understood as services that offer us more capabilities than standard websites. The main advantage of web applications is that they don't need to be installed on the user's device. An internet browser with access to the Internet is the only requirement.

At iMakeable, we create web applications using, among others, React.js, Python, Node.js, and Java, but we're not limited to these technologies alone.

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Mobile Applications

We create mobile applications for all platforms (iOS, Android), watchOS, and others). Above all, we focus on UX and the reliability of our solutions. Mobile applications made by us are characterized by intriguing design, which always stands out among other apps. React Native, Swift, and Kotlin are our main tools for creating mobile apps.

How do we create mobile applications?

Product Design

Our goal is to shift the approach among others towards the design of web and mobile applications so that they are always user-centric and fulfill their business function in the best possible way. When designing products and UX/UI, the most important thing for us is achieving the set objectives through design. We will also help you validate the concept of the application at the design stage!

How can we assist you with design?

Let's work together on your application project!

Our multi-stage testing process ensures that the applications we create are 100% functional. Every application we work on is thoroughly tested to ensure we deliver a fully operational technological solution. This includes both manual and automated tests - encompassing unit tests and end-to-end tests.

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IT Consulting for Startups and Companies

We understand that during the execution of most projects, it becomes apparent that non-standard support is required - be it in the realm of marketing advice, sales process creation, visual identity development, or consultations with application deployment and maintenance experts. By choosing us, you gain access to a team with a broad range of expertise, extending far beyond the standard capabilities of a Software House. This means you don't need to seek additional support outside of iMakeable.

How can we advise you?

IT Outsourcing

We can offer the support of our team - whether you need it for just one day or several months, and regardless of whether you require one individual or an entire team. We can also assemble a dedicated team tailored to your project, comprised of the right specialists.

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Companies that trusted us


Thanks to iMakeable's work, their contribution led to the on-time delivery of a complex solution that included integration with a large amount of data. The team communicated seamlessly - above all, they impress with their willingness to find satisfying solutions.


The company overreached our expectations for the proposed price. iMakeable responsively and swiftly incorporated all the client’s needs, delivering creative and top-notch UX designs. They efficiently streamlined each process, keeping in contact with the client even duri...

They were open-minded, ambitious, hard-working people who can offer the ideal solution for any given task. They were open-minded, dedicated, and determined. I decided to begin cooperation with iMakeable, because, contrary to other software companies, they could show me ...

Apogee UK Managment Ltd

,,iMakeable team is very efficient, they carefully speak to you about your needs so that they clear and then execute your request with precision - very impressive. Communication was on point and they constantly kept me updated and remained in touch. I will definitely us...

AK Detailing

We liked that iMakeable did their work in the most clean way possible. Their team did an excellent job and communicated every issue that we have managed to solve together.


Very well thought out and articulate communication. Clearly set milestones, deadlines and fast work. Infinite patience with no shortcuts, even if the client is being careless. The best part is they always solve problems with great original ideas.

How is the collaboration with iMakeable?

We have developed a collaboration process at iMakeable that allows us to apply best practices when creating IT products. It primarily relies on communication between our project team and you, along with a series of actions aimed at understanding the project's assumptions as best as possible.

We've divided the process into five stages, after which you will always receive specific materials from us, such as project documents, identified KPIs, interface designs and sketches, new functionalities, designed new processes, or updates based on collected data. If you prefer a different collaboration model, let us know - we are genuinely flexible!

We'll help you with your IT project!

Web and mobile application projects are our specialty. We can assist you in a wide range of IT project implementations - regardless of your needs, we will be able to adapt to you.

The first step towards collaboration is a conversation where we'll get to know your project better and gather information about the issues that the finished product should address. We will also answer all your questions concerning your project and cooperation.

Let's discuss your project!

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