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Why we use Electron.js

Quick installation

Based on JavaScript

Uses CSS and HTML

Ease of writing code

Large community

Writing code in Electron.js for dekstop apps

By using Electron.js, we can create desktop applications with JavaScript that will run in Python and C++.

Laptop application done in Electron.js

Electron.js applications can be delivered quickly, as we can use HTML and CSS as a basis to create them!

Why should you use Electron.js?

If you are familiar with JavaScript and frontend applications, you should consider using Electron.js for your desktop apps. Moreover, if your company uses applications built with JavaScript, you can use Electron.js to easily integrate new modules with your old tools! The main benefits of Electron.js are HTML/CSS views that are exactly the same as in website applications. Hence Electron.js can be used to convert your Internet service into a desktop app!

What Electron.js can offer you?

4 Benefits of Electron.js you should know

Easy desktop application development

Creating desktop applications with Electron.js is very simple if you have already worked with JavaScript. It is possible to create all application views in HTML/CSS and then glue them with JavaScript, which is later converted to Python and C++. You can benefit from these two programming languages even if you don’t use them everyday!

One code - many devices

The Electron.js framework can be used to develop applications for many different devices. It can be used on Windows, macOS and Linux – it is possible to develop one application which will work on many systems. It is worth mentioning that, just as in the case of native mobile applications, these systems have some differences that needs to be considered.

Various tools

Besides typical Node.js libraries, Electron.js has various useful desktop app development tools. Native menus, notification systems, automatic update systems or Windows installation wizards are great examples. Moreover, Electron.js offers great debugging tools!

Open-source project

Electron.js is developed by Github and its community. Many great, popular applications like Twitch, Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio Code and Facebook Messenger were developed with Electron.js!

Electron.js at iMakeable

Desktop app development with Electron.js

At iMakeable, we use Electron.js in desktop applications that are designed to be original and unique. An animated CMS panel with smooth browsing that we delivered to a client from the energy industry can act as a great example.


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Our team is fully dedicated to ensuring you are 100% satisfied. Working with trustworthy professionals guarantees the highest possible standards. Our primary directive is to meet all of our client requirements, whether they are related to writing code, graphic design or just consultancy.


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