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Next.js is an excellent solution where speed of performance counts - especially in applications like e-commerce and marketplaces, where SEO and User Experience are very important.

Why Next.js?

Lightning-fast applications thanks to Server-Side Rendering

Effectively utilized budget for SEO

Better Customer Experience due to faster performance

Applications based on Next.js in terms of performance speed outclass other solutions. If your main source of traffic is SEO or paid ads - Next.js can be a great solution for you.

AWS in context of cloud databases

The main advantage of Next.js is the use of Server-Side Rendering. Thanks to this, the HTML code is generated on the server side, instead of in the user's browser - which shortens the page loading time.

When Next.js?

Next.js is a technology whose advantages are most visible in e-commerce and marketplace applications. With proper implementation of Next.js, we can use the marketing budget for SEO more efficiently and improve the conversion rate in your application. Server-Side Rendering allows Google's robots to index your site faster and easier - which will quickly translate into increased organic traffic and a greater number of users for your application.

Apart from better SEO investment results, Next.js can also significantly speed up the performance of your application. Numerous user studies show that shorter page loading times can increase the conversion rate by several dozen percent. If you want to increase the ROAS of your e-commerce store or create an application that will mainly acquire users from organic traffic - using Next.js is a great idea.

What Electron.js can offer you?

4 Key advantages of Next.js

More efficient SEO

By using Server-Side Rendering in Next.js, the content of your website or web application (text, images) is prepared for display on the server, instead of in the user's browser. In practice, this means that when someone visits your site, the server already has a page ready to send to the user - which means they don't have to wait for it to be generated. Faster loading of subpages is one of many factors used to determine positions in search engines, which can be improved by using Next.js. This will help you acquire more users in a shorter time.

Better User Experience

Faster app loading is not just about better SEO - numerous User Experience studies show that the conversion rate significantly improves after increasing page loading speed - even by several dozen percent. According to UX research, the ideal loading time for a subpage is less than one second - if your application loads longer, you are unnecessarily losing users. Next.js is one of the better choices for creating applications where User Experience and conversion rate optimization are important.

Flexibility and popularity

Next.js is one of the most popular JavaScript-based technologies for a reason. It is used by companies such as Netflix, TikTok, Twitch, Nike, and AT&T. Applications created in Next.js can be seamlessly expanded while maintaining all the advantages of this technology. However, Next.js is not a solution reserved only for corporations - it works great in startup MVP application projects. Thanks to its popularity, unlike niche technologies, maintaining applications by your team will not be a problem - and will not constitute significant additional costs.

Scalability of the application

If you want to add new functionalities to your application - Next.js imposes no limitations. Maintenance and integration of applications based on Next.js with CMS systems, external APIs, or databases do not cause additional problems - and thanks to numerous integrations with the most popular cloud services, such as Vercel or AWS, we have no concerns about performance and maintenance costs in case of sudden changes in the number of application users.

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