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Why we use AWS

Many different services in one place

Inexpensive architecture maintenance

High security

Fast implementation of changes

Various integrations

Amazon Web Services - cloud services

AWS Cloud computing services offer the computing power and resources necessary to implement IT projects.

What AWS can do for your company?

AWS offer diverse tools for the safe and fast development of applications and other software.

Start using AWS in your projects!

S3 is one of the most popular tools in AWS which enables the creation of folders for static files like pictures, text documents, or mp3 files. Amazon EC2 is another service of AWS which can be used to host virtual servers to run your application in the Cloud or to host a remote OS. You can choose from different versions of the most popular OS’s like Linux or macOS. AWS has many other advantageous tools like Amazon Lambda, RDS, VPC or Cloudfront. At iMakeable, we sometimes use Dropbox and Google Drive as alternatives for S3.

AWS in context of cloud databases

4 benefits of AWS you should know

Pay only for what you use

If your application will not be used outside of your working hours, AWS allows you to pay only for the time when you really need its services and servers. Oftentimes, their hosting or service price is lower than $0.01 per hour.

On-demand services

If your application is relatively small and is responsible for e.g. sending e-mail messages to your clients, Amazon Lambda is a perfect tool for your needs, allowing you to create functions called only in specific cases. In this case, this function only works inside of the AWS Cloud and you will pay only for function calls that were really needed.


In the era of gigantic web services processing personal information, data security is crucial. AWS servers are placed around the world and their protection and security is considered to be one of the best. AWS services are used by the largest web services like Netflix or Airbnb.

Tech support and documentation

AWS offers very detailed documentation of their services and supports various programming languages and databases. Whether you are experienced with AWS or not, you can always count on Amazon’s AWS support. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that AWS has diverse APIs which you can use in your application.

How do we use AWS at iMakeable?

How do we use AWS services in iMakeable?

AWS is used in almost every iMakeable project because of great personal data security and the various services offered. During project implementation, our DevOps specialists often use Amazon EC2 or VPC. We often use Amazon Lambda to create simple tools improving our workflow. We are also familiar with AWS databases such as RDS or DynamoDB.


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