Empathy map in UX/UI design
An Empathy Map, or empathy map, is a tool used in UX/UI design that focuses on a deeper understanding of users. This tool helps designers and development teams step into the users' shoes and understand their experiences, needs, motivations, and challenges. The Empathy Map is crucial for creating products that truly resonate with users and address their
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The Manifest Hails iMakeable as one of the Most Reviewed Design Agencies in Wroclaw
In today’s digital age, design is everything! A lot of companies use design to further enhance their marketing and advertising, while others utilize it to help take their digital solutions to the next level. Regardless of what or where you are going to use design, it is always important to partner with a professional who can help you and guide you throughout the process. And that company is iMakeable!
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How to choose colors for your UI Project? Colors in IT
Marketing actions are strongly influenced by psychology. Understanding your clients’ personas will help you elevate your KPIs and [reach your application goals](/it-services). One of the topics we would like to address today is the psychology of color. It defines the perception of your brand by your consumers based on colors that you have used in your design - are they willing to trust you and make a purchase? How do they perceive a “dark mode” design that is based on black and gray colors? Will green CTA button generate more conversions than a red one? How about yellow?
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