What are the next steps after the first consultation with a software house?

    Understanding the process after the first consultation with a software house is key for every client. In this article, we will bring you closer to this process so that you can approach further cooperation without any concerns.

    Undoubtedly, after the first meeting, which is full of exciting ideas and intense discussions, questions may arise - what now? What's next? Here are the next steps that await you after the first consultation with a software house.

    Email Summary

    The first step is an email summary. Prepared by the specialist you talked to, it provides a concise summary of the meeting. This document allows people who were not able to participate in the meeting to quickly assimilate the information, and also serves as a point of reference for future conversations and decisions.

    If your plans are particularly ambitious and complex, it is also possible to organize a second, more technological meeting. During this conversation, more details about the technologies you want to use or create for the project are discussed. This is a key moment when your idea starts to take concrete shape.

    Offer Presentation

    A few days after the first consultation, another important moment occurs - the presentation of the offer. The software specialist prepares a special offer for you, which contains preliminary proposals from the software house.

    The offer includes, among other things, solutions to the problems discussed during the meetings, as well as estimated costs and production time. This offer is the result of a thorough analysis of your needs and is adapted to the specifics of your project.

    Sometimes, the offer may not meet all your expectations. In such a situation, additional meetings and negotiations are possible. Everything depends on the client-specialist relationship and the willingness to continue cooperation.

    What does it look like after the offer presentation?

    Here is the further course of the process.

    If the offer presented by the software house meets your expectations, the next step is to formalize the cooperation, which includes sending contracts and handling the entire legal process of cooperation. This process usually takes from 7 to 14 days, although it can take a bit longer. Everything depends on the specifics of the contract and the details of the project.

    Project Workshops

    Once the contract is signed and everything is ready, the next step is workshops. Key team members who will be working on the project appear here. These are usually UX/UI designers, developers (Front-end, Backend, or Fullstack), Project Manager, and Project Owner on the client's side.

    A Project Owner is a person who represents the client's interests in the project. They make strategic decisions, care about the business goal of the project, and also monitor the progress of work.

    During the workshops, the team jointly develops actual solutions to problems, selects technologies for implementation, sets the first deadlines, and plans the way of work. The method of communication between the client and the team is also determined so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

    After the workshops

    Immediately after the workshops, the team sends a summary of the meeting by email. This document is a kind of "memo" that contains all key decisions and arrangements. The aim is to pass this information to all involved persons as quickly as possible so that they can take the appropriate steps and start the implementation of the project.

    When all these elements are already in place, the cooperation starts in full swing. Now everyone knows what to do and what the project's goals are. Every team member is ready to act, and the software house is ready to turn your software dreams into reality.

    Remember, throughout the project, the software house is your partner, and its goal is to help you achieve success.

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