What benefits does body leasing offer in the IT services market?

    Contemporary business leverages innovative technologies on an unprecedented scale. The global reach of the Internet and the growing prevalence of modern digital solutions contribute to the increasing demand for skilled IT professionals. Finding and hiring the right experts in the industry has become a growing challenge not only for startups embarking on their journey but often for large corporations with an established market position and a significant HR budget. The response to this challenging situation comes in the form of services such as body leasing. What does this concept entail, and what benefits can it bring to businesses? Read on in the article below.

    Body Leasing – Determine if This Service Is for You!

    Body leasing involves periodically hiring IT specialists with diversified competencies from various software development areas. This form of IT service outsourcing is particularly used by companies that need an employee with specific skills and experience for a specific period or solely for the completion of a particular project. It is an excellent way not only to streamline project management but also to significantly reduce implementation costs. The increasingly popular body leasing service is dedicated to entrepreneurs who:

    • Have an insufficient number of internal specialists and need to strengthen their project team with specific competencies.
    • Possess the necessary know-how for effective project management but require the support of employees with strictly defined skills that they can precisely define when creating a candidate profile.
    • Want to reduce the time and costs of the project process.
    • Want to start working on a project immediately.

    What Benefits Can Body Leasing Bring to Your Business?

    Taking advantage of the services of an experienced software house that offers leasing of its own employees facilitates and accelerates the implementation of IT projects. Below, we have prepared a list of several key benefits provided by this collaboration model.

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    Time and Cost Reduction

    Time and money are undoubtedly among the most compelling arguments driving most entrepreneurs who hire external specialists. Body leasing allows for saving resources that would be required to create a new position within the company, which always involves a time-consuming chain of activities generating additional costs. The standard recruitment process in the IT industry usually consists of three stages, lasting at least two weeks, which already represents a significant delay that companies wanting to start working on a project quickly cannot afford. Body leasing, on the other hand, does not involve a complex recruitment process: companies offering this service have the necessary resources and access to specialists from various fields. The employer, in turn, does not have to consider long-term cooperation, making the decision to lease employees much simpler. Furthermore, the company also avoids the costs associated with training a new team member. This is an additional benefit because the process of familiarizing a specialist with new technologies and tools could delay project implementation, thereby exposing corporation owners to financial losses.

    Another cost that companies can cleverly avoid with this solution is related to maintaining a full-time employee, including accounting, administrative, and personnel support, as well as investment in equipment, necessary licenses, or office space. It is also worth noting that some specialists work irregularly, making them unnecessary for daily organizational needs. This could apply, for example, to GUI experts. In the case of body leasing, however, a flexible cooperation model based on Time & Material allows for settlement based on actual working time and the value of the tools utilized.

    Quick Project Start

    Do you have an IT department in your organization, but you lack a specific employee with specialized knowledge and expertise in certain technologies to execute a project? In this case, body leasing also proves to be an effective solution. Remember that an external specialist will bring additional value to your team in terms of necessary skills and experience, as well as provide a fresh perspective that can set new directions for your organization's development. To ensure a smooth process, it is essential to define the desired candidate profile as

    accurately as possible. This will help avoid situations where companies have excessively high expectations compared to the actual requirements and needs of a given project, which inevitably generates additional unnecessary costs.

    Are you unsure if body leasing is the right service for you? Or perhaps you are concerned that delegating some work to an external entity will deprive you of control over the project? You don't have to worry because at iMakeable, we prioritize transparency in our actions and maintain good communication with our clients. With extensive experience in various project implementations, we are able to offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

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