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Best technologies for Software Development

// Choosing the right technology

How do we decide on a technology for a project?

Before you develop your application, you should write down its purpose and answer the following questions: what should your application help you with? Will it be a mobile or web application?

As an example, if your main goal is to preview and process large amounts of data from any place in the world, you will need to choose a frontend and backend technology for your project. In this case, React.js and Angular should be considered for frontend and we would probably pick Python or Java for backend.

In case of mobile applications, we will need to decide if your application should work on both iOS and Android and if its features are rather simple or if they have some complex logic behind them. React Native and Flutter are our technologies of choice for the quick development of mobile apps.

How do you choose the right technology for your project?
See the best modern technologies for software development
// Tools for fast project development

Are pre-made software solutions worth using?

When you have a finite budget but you need to test if your idea will work, you should consider building a custom MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of your application with pre-made modules and technological solutions. Bootstrap, Bulma and Material UI are perfect tools for the inexpensive development of your frontend application, which we can deliver in a shortperiod of time. Another great idea is to use tools like Node.js or Python to quickly set up your project environment.

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Best technologies for application development

At iMakeable, we can develop your web, mobile and desktop apps. We also do web-scrapping and develop bots or Machine Learning tools. Only the best technologies for any given purpose are used in our projects – our company always follows the current technological trends and we use the newest, proven technologies to develop our software.

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