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iMakeable is the partner of choice of many companies in various industries. Our work is focused on elevating your business value through custom, “made-to-fit” software development, product design, QA and consultancy services.

One of the many advantages of iMakeable is that our employees have very different backgrounds – ranging from Software Development, HR, business consultancy, music production software, to nanoscale physics simulations (yes, really!) and many others. This is the reason why we know that we can really understand your business.


We have finished over 20 international projects with 100% customer satisfaction

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Our average response time shorter than 3 hours. In case you need instant help, we're here for you.

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We offer a wide variety of IT services
suited specifically to your needs

Web Development

We create services and web apps which facilitate your daily work.

QA & Testing

Our multistage testing process yields applications which are 100% functional and hassle-free.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications designed for all devices, whether they run on iOS or Android.

IT Consultancy

Our services include consulting for IT projects. We can help create your software, provide training for your team and suggest the next steps to take.

UI/UX Design

We design user interfaces that are clear, modern and intuitive.

Dedicated Team

If your project needs the help of experienced software developers (or even a whole team!) - we can deliver them. You can hire us for several months or even just a single day.

// Solving your software problems with our products

Application development in iMakeable

Scheduling a call
At the beginning of our cooperation, we prepare a detailed specification of our client's needs. It contains a detailed list of features that should be included in the minimal viable product (MVP) and the final version of the application.

Signing the agreement
We present a detailed plan of work with a well-described budget for each of the project's tasks. At this point, we set our deadlines and meeting dates at which we will present the state of our work. Finally, we sign an agreement which describes our liabilities in regard to our clients.

Presentation of app wireframes
At the very beginning of our work we prepare wireframes which present the user interface with the proposed graphical design. Our mission is to change the average application and website design to be more creative - hence our work is always original and distinguishable.
Product development
At this point we consecutively prepare iterations of code and implement functionalities described in our plan of work.

Application testing
We perform unit and integration tests for every finished functionality and iteration of our application. Finally, we upload the current version of the application to a test server as a first version of the MVP.

Delivering a finished app for our satisfied client
After deploying our product and making sure that every process was successfully finished, we gain another satisfied client!

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Finished projects

See what our team have already done for our other clients. Our work ranges from projects for HR agencies, construction industry to Artificial Intelligence development.

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