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Python Software Development

Why we use Python?

Can be applied to a wide class of problems

Versatile, stable and easy to implement

Universal machine learning libraries

Wide choice of useful libraries and frameworks

Fast development process leads to lower costs of projects and solutions

Easy to read and maintain code

Django Web app development

As of 2020, Python is the fastest growing programming language and will rise further even faster in following years. The main benefits of code written in Python is that it’s universal, stable and easy to read and interpret. Moreover, Python frameworks like Django or Pyramid allow us to develop a robust, stable Web Applications. 

Python can be used to solve many different problems rising in developed projects and is often the go-to technology in FinTech and Business projects owing to fast development process.

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When you should use Python?

Python can be used in a very wide variety of IT projects like blockchain development, data science, machine learning which are the main reasons it gets so much attention these days. Python frameworks such as Django or Flask also allows us to use Python in web development. It can also be used to analyze audio and data with libraries like pyAudioAnalysis. Destination OS is also not a problem – Python can be ran on every major operating system like macOS, Windows or Linux and can be used on embedded systems like Raspberry Pi. Moreover, Python can be easily integrated with many other programming languages like Java and .NET.

Discover when you should use Python in your project

3 Benefits of Python you should now

Ease of use

Python is known for its simplicity regarding code writing and its readibility leading to quick development of your product with a lot less code. For example, if your project is based on complex algorithms and workflows it is possible to reduce the unnecessary technical difficulties by using an easier to understand by humans language like Python. As a result, Python is often a perfect solution if your budget is limited or you would like to finish your project as soon as possible. Instead of dealing with bugs, developers can focus on implementing your product!

Great community and popular frameworks

Python is an open source programming language – you can use the most popular frameworks and libraries like Django, Flask, Pyramid and many others in your projects without any hassle. This leads to lower costs of product development since there are many ready solutions for most popular problems. For instance, you can speed up web application development with frameworks like Flask, Django or many other!

Reliable technology for complex IT solutions

Recently, Python software development have gained a lot of popularity due to development of data science technologies and solutions – e.g. in artificial intelligence development or machine learning. Python often is the technology of choice for Big Data and task automatization in comparison to other technologies, e.g., R. It should be your go-to solution if your project revolves around machine learning.

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Football social media app

Mateusz Pydych - our full stack developer
// Full stack developer
Mateusz Pydych

After describing our clients needs and analysis of supplied documentation we concluded that our client’s application has large potential to scale up in the future. There were some certain application modules with complex operation logic which were responsible for periodical tasks. These modules had to be highly covered with unit tests and the documentation suggested that our client would like to modify his application in the future. 

We concluded that Django/Django Rest Framework was the best fit for this case. At this day, Django is the most popular Python web framework that allows us to scale up the team responsible for application backend development. Django architecture reduces the time required for project configuration and preparation of so-called “boilerplate”, so our developers were able to focus on other tasks in our client’s project.

Django ecosystem has many convenient tools for application testing (pytest) and app development (in this case – task queue). Despite its age, Django is a perfect fit for new, developing projects. Framework’s modularity and convenience in implementing changes harmonized perfectly with our clients requirement regarding product development and scaling-up. As a result, in response to “start-up” character of the project we chose Django – the most popular web framework which emphasizes on product development ease and scaleable architecture.

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