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Find out what the React framework can offer!

Why we use React

Quick installation process

Versatile code

Simple and intuitive

Small component size

Great community

Frontend Development in React.js

React allows us to create simple web components used to swiftly develop your application’s frontend.

Writing code in React.js

React.js functions are isolated from the rest of the technology stack, meaning it is possible to write your own functions without multiplying your code.

When should you use React?

You should consider creating your web application or marketplace project in React. Why? React allows us to start each project with CRA (Create React App), allowing us to configure your project within a few minutes. React also has perfectly written documentation, including examples of code use, which can be live tested. If you would like to focus on developing the MVP version of your app, you should definitely see Material UI with its ready-to-use UI components.

Discover why your next project should be React-based!

4 Benefits of React you should know


React.js allows us to create .jsx components, which enable differentiation between JS files and React files. React also allows its users to create function components and classes. React Hooks is often used for function components which have a significantly simpler structure when compared to class components. It is also worth mentioning the lifecycle of components, which allows us to clear the memory of given components when they are not used or to call a specific function when the component is rendered.


In comparison to Angular, React is definitely lighter and allows us to use more external libraries. Styled-components are a great example which allow us to use CSS styles with JavaScript or to use SCSS modules. It is also worth mentioning that React doesn’t force the developer to use Jest for unit testing. Moreover, React allows us to create the application architecture as we like. We can name our folders depending on their role, but we are not forced to do so.

Application efficiency

When you use the React framework, you will probably build a Single Page Application called SPA. The main reason to use SPA apps is to manipulate DOMs (Document Object Model) with JavaScript. That way, when you open web sources, you will get only one HTML file with a few lines of code. Another advantage of using the SPA app is the interaction between the frontend app and the client. By manipulating DOMs, we are able to change data very quickly and efficiently, then display it on the user interface. In the context of good SEO optimization, you should also see Gatsby.js and Next.js, which use Server-Side Rendering (SSR) methods to increase the page-loading speed on web applications and websites.

Community and libraries

The React community is relatively large and enables any software developer to learn React quickly. Owing to its size, there are many great tools, e.g. external libraries, which expedite the application development process. It is worth mentioning such libraries as prop-types, styled-components, Jest, Material UI, CRA, Redux and Formik. Another great advantage of React is its constant development by Facebook developers. React is also one of the most popular Javascript frameworks.

React usage by iMakeable

See how have we used React in iMakeable's projects!

The majority of our commercial projects with frontend elements were created with React. It is the perfect technology for applications that need to be developed in a relatively short period of time and need to be highly interactive for its users. For instace, we have developed CRM systems, E-commerce websites with Gatsby.js, and Data Management systems for various companies.


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