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IT support for your company

Do you have an idea bordering the IT industry but lack resources to implement it? Are you considering introducing new technological solutions in your company, but you never have time for it? Has your project already started, but the team indicates that they cannot meet the deadlines? Contact us - we can discuss your project and guide you to the goal.


Let us create your product!

As iMakeable, we have completed over 20 international projects, and our clients are eager to cooperate again. Whether your project has already started, ended, or is just about to launch – we can advise you on project planning and point out potential problems. As part of our services, we provide IT project consulting – we can help you develop your software, provide IT support for your company, train the team, conduct code reviews, and suggest next steps. Our experienced developers are eager to help you!


Consulting, code review, and more

We always maintain the highest standards. To date, we have assisted our clients in:

  • Strategic IT project planning
  • HR consulting in software development
  • Code review of mobile and web applications
  • Preparing IT project specifications
  • Audits of web and mobile applications

Technologies we work in

As iMakeable, we have completed many mobile and web application projects in technologies such as React.js, Angular, Python, Node.js, and Java, and our team is not limited to them. We can advise you or check the code of your application and discuss in detail all the issues that caught our attention.


React.js is a frontend technology based on JavaScript, which we use to build complex user interfaces in web applications. React.js allows us to create fast, efficient, and scalable applications that are easy to maintain due to their modular code structure. React.js is b...


Java is a programming language that works particularly well in large-scale projects where the system is to be made available to a broad audience due to easier maintenance and application scalability and native security solutions. This is why Java is often used in Fintec...


Flutter is a mobile application development framework developed by Google that allows for simultaneous development for both Android and iOS platforms. It's based on the Dart language and is known for its highly efficient rendering and flexible widgets that enable the cr...


IT Consulting with iMakeable

  • 01

    Setting up a conversation

  • At the beginning of our collaboration, we prepare a project specification containing a detailed list of our clients' needs, for which we will be responsible. We present a detailed work plan with a well-defined budget for each task in the project. At this point, we determine the deadlines and dates of periodic meetings where we will show the results of our work. In the end, we sign a contract that defines our commitments to clients.

  • 02

    Project commencement

  • After signing the agreement, we prepare all the tools and platforms we will use for our work, such as Slack, Trello, Gitlab, or others. Once everything is set up, we commence our work and prepare the initial report outlining potential issues that we have identified and will investigate further. Our clients always have full visibility into our work - we believe that you should always be informed about the current status of your project.

  • 03

    Project development

  • Here we do our job - like checking the code of your application, preparing project specifications, or software development. We prepare detailed reports in which we discuss already completed works, describe what we are currently working on, and what remains to be done. We always prepare a precise list of problems we have encountered that need to be resolved. Most importantly - we will solve these problems!

  • 04

    Handing over the finished project to a satisfied customer

  • After completing the work on the project, implementing our solutions, and ensuring that everything went smoothly, we gain another satisfied client!

We will help you with your IT project!

Web and mobile application projects are our specialty. We are able to assist you in a wide range of IT project implementations - regardless of your needs, we will adapt to you.

Let's discuss your project!

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