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Designing applications for iOS and watchOS

iOS is the second most popular operating system on mobile devices. If you're interested in creating your mobile application for iOS or watchOS - we can help. As part of our activity, we create apps for all Apple products – iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watch or Apple TV. With our services, you won't have to dedicate your valuable time to setting up a mobile app development team!

Designing applications for iOS

After preparing a detailed list of functionalities and project specifications and determining which functionalities should be included in the minimum production version, we turn our attention to the application design. In the case of mobile apps, we put special emphasis on their design. The UX/UI of mobile apps is extremely important due to their nature. Most mobile apps are used outside the office, and the simplicity of their operation is especially important.

After preparing detailed mock-ups of the application, which show the Client what their future app will look like, we discuss the application's architecture within the team. In iOS applications, the MVC – Model-view-controller pattern is commonly used. This architecture divides the app into separate "parts" - UI, data, and code, making it easier to develop in the future. At this stage, we also prepare the specification for deploying the app to the App Store.

This step is often unjustly overlooked by programmers and usually requires many corrections at the end of the app creation process. At iMakeable, we always ensure that our apps meet Apple's guidelines regarding performance, security, and other important issues.

After choosing the application architecture, we always create an MVP version – a minimum viable product that can be launched on the market to attract the interest of the first customers. At this stage, we focus on the flawless implementation of basic functionalities. We check whether our UX/UI Design appeals to the app's users and, if necessary, make the required corrections. Usually, these aren't major changes, as our designers always follow Apple's interface guidelines.


Technologies for iOS mobile applications

At iMakeable, we design mobile apps for iPhones and Apple Watches using technologies such as Swift or React Native – depending on whether our Clients want a fully native solution or prefer to place their mobile app on multiple platforms simultaneously. Our programmers will choose the best solution for individual cases – and we'll explain why we made that decision.


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