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Venture building

// Startup Execution - Why Venture Building?

Why Venture Building?

Venture building is one of the ways to introduce innovative products to the global market. Compared to other methods of funding startups, iMakeable offers comprehensive support from the idea stage - primarily during product creation and scaling. We minimize the risk of failure with maximum effectiveness. We provide support from the early stages of the project - both in fundraising and by actively participating in product development.

The journey from idea to profit-generating product is long, and founders face many challenges along the way:

  • Funding
  • Management
  • Team building
  • Product validation
  • Scaling

At iMakeable, we've seen hundreds of great startup ideas that struggled with these challenges - and we know how to solve them.


We have been generating revenue since the beginning of the project.


You need to secure financing for your project, and with our support, it couldn't be easier. Thanks to our network of investment funds, business angels, and business developers, we can be confident that obtaining funding for your project won't be a problem.


At the beginning of the project, you may be able to manually manage the team, but we believe that the role of founders is to inspire and lead the team and scale the businesses.

Team Building

iMakeable is a team of experienced IT professionals who have worked on numerous MVP projects for startups. We know how to create business value in the best possible way. We provide dedicated teams for our VB projects.

Product Validation

We collaborate with a multitude of specialists from various industries who will help you determine the direction of your project. We create revenue-generating startups from day one by connecting them with customers even before the MVP development stage.


We are one of the fastest-growing IT companies in Poland financed from our own resources. Thanks to us, your startup will grow at a similar pace.

Business Design

We have experience in delivering dozens of IT projects, and we know how to design an application that will succeed. Our team of business analysts is eager to help you define product requirements!


How do we create startups?

We approach venture building comprehensively - we provide support both at the idea stage and after implementation. From business analysis, fundraising, to UX/UI optimization, product development, and product deployment to target sales markets. With an experienced team of business analysts, support from business angels, and efficient project management in Agile, we can build technology companies from scratch in a matter of months - with a record of creating profitable products from day one.

Building startups with iMakeable

Wide expertise

We have years of experience in implementing products across various industries - social media, HR, e-commerce, marketplaces, healthcare, and more. We know how to create scalable and profitable IT projects, and we're eager to share that knowledge.


We offer consultations for fundraising - both from public sources and private investors and investment funds. We acquire the first customers during the project analysis stage - making them profitable from the very beginning.

Market analysis

Through collaboration with business analysts from various industries, business angels, and investment funds, we can accurately assess the investment risk in terms of time and resources for each project - regardless of the industry and project complexity.

Operations and processes

We have experience in managing processes and optimizing the day-to-day operations of companies - maximizing efficiency while maintaining or reducing operational costs. Through our partners, we can provide support from experienced experts who have modernized hundreds of companies.

Analysis and design

Our team of developers and IT professionals has been involved in a wide range of startup projects - we know what it takes to build an MVP and how to do it in an optimal way. We can work with your current team or create a dedicated team of IT specialists for your project. We develop applications using market-proven modern technologies. We also know each other well, and we believe that efficient team communication is key to success.

UX research and consulting

We consider UX/UI as the core of every application. We conduct audits of both new and existing UX and UI solutions, ensuring that our applications will be well-received by users. The simple, intuitive, and visually appealing interfaces created by our Design Team allow us to improve conversion rates in practically every case.




Thanks to the efficient analysis process, we are able to optimize design assumptions, cost estimates and make legal analysis in an extremely short time. At this stage, we also connect founders with investors and first clients.


We build MVP products that earn money even after 3 months from the decision to cooperate. We care about a scalable, modern and effective technological infrastructure, thanks to which we manage to optimize the costs of scaling the product up to 70%.

SCALINGImplementation and scaling

We provide ready-made MVP to the first customers. Thanks to the acquisition of the first willing users at the very beginning of the MVP stage, our startups are profitable from the very beginning of their existence. Modern technologies and solutions allow us to scale the number of users without any limits.

// Startup Execution - Why Venture Building?

Why Venture Building?

Self-fundingVenture Capital FundsAdditional FundingBusiness Angels

We support companies in fundraising.



Prepare a brief.

The best projects are well thought out from start to finish. We can help you create an MVP, but we need your support for that. Please send us a brief and answer the most important questions, such as:

What is your idea? What problems does it solve? Who is the competition? How will you monetize the product? To what extent do you need support? What skills can you provide on your own?

Remember - the simpler the business model, the better. Sometimes simple applications achieve the greatest success in the industry.

By presenting your idea, we can pass your pitch deck to industry experts, potential investors, customers, and provide support as needed, as well as verify the idea for effectiveness.

Plan your startup.

Together, we will plan the scope of the MVP, development plans, technological architecture, and team structure.

We will take care of the project's finances: we will prepare a financial plan that outlines the costs of implementing the project at each stage of business development and provide sources of funding to cover the project's creation costs.

We will also determine the responsibility distribution in the project in terms of equity and provide a ready-made offer for investors.


Companies that have trusted us


Thanks to iMakeable's work, their contribution led to the on-time delivery of a complex solution that included integration with a large amount of data. The team communicated seamlessly - above all, they impress with their willingness to find satisfying solutions.


The company overreached our expectations for the proposed price. iMakeable responsively and swiftly incorporated all the client’s needs, delivering creative and top-notch UX designs. They efficiently streamlined each process, keeping in contact with the client even duri...


They were open-minded, ambitious, hard-working people who can offer the ideal solution for any given task. They were open-minded, dedicated, and determined. I decided to begin cooperation with iMakeable, because, contrary to other software companies, they could show me ...

Apogee UK Managment Ltd

,,iMakeable team is very efficient, they carefully speak to you about your needs so that they clear and then execute your request with precision - very impressive. Communication was on point and they constantly kept me updated and remained in touch. I will definitely us...

AK Detailing

We liked that iMakeable did their work in the most clean way possible. Their team did an excellent job and communicated every issue that we have managed to solve together.


Very well thought out and articulate communication. Clearly set milestones, deadlines and fast work. Infinite patience with no shortcuts, even if the client is being careless. The best part is they always solve problems with great original ideas.

Project Start

We provide the best specialists to work on the project - we will take care of creating the application from architecture to practical scaling. With a dedicated team for each project, we shorten the necessary time for implementation to a minimum and can quickly validate our solutions with early customers.

We have finely-tuned work coordination and project management in every detail - no challenge is insurmountable for us.


We provide technical and business support even after the MVP phase - we ensure that every product of ours generates revenue from the very beginning. We continuously develop the product, preparing it for a larger user base.

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