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Outsourcing IT specialists

There are many cases where your company could benefit from outsourcing IT specialists. If you need to quickly expand your team, our specialists will fit perfectly into your project. We can provide both short-term and long-term contracts, or even completely take over your project.

If you're looking for additional programmers, DevOps engineers, testers, designers, or project managers – you've come to the right place! We offer comprehensive IT outsourcing services. We know exactly how such a partnership should look. Whether you need remote or on-site employees, for a day or several years – let us know. We can also create a complete team for your IT project.


Outsourcing in IT has never been simpler.

We are eager to help.

Our work plan is very simple. We only need a few pieces of information:

  • How can we assist you?
  • How many hours a week do you need assistance?
  • How long would you like our collaboration to last?
  • When can we start?

That's it. Depending on the case, we can assist with minor tasks for a few days or a major IT project lasting several years. We can cooperate full-time or just a few hours a week. Our team consists of specialists in various technologies – from Frontend developers (React.js, JavaScript, etc.) to Backend developers (Node.js, Python) to DevOps engineers. We can also provide the support of experienced project managers and team leaders who have already managed many projects.

On our end, the collaboration will be overseen by a project coordinator who will plan all actions, match the best-suited employees to the project, and stay in touch with you. IT project outsourcing with iMakeable allows not just for quick team expansion but also a wide choice from many specialists.

//iMakeable outsourcing process

Outsourcing Process



Booking a first meeting

    • Consultation and determination of business objectives
    • Analysis and project planning
    • User research



Let's start working on the MVP!

    • Tool configuration
    • Summary of project assumptions
    • Introduction of the team of specialists


// Stage III - Development

Let's create your product!

    • Sprint planning - iteration planning and task allocation
    • Design and Development
    • Preparation of test scenarios


// Stage IV - Project Delivery

Your decision to cooperate.

    • Gathering data from analytical tools
    • Handover of technical and project documentation
    • Gathering user feedback

Work with experienced IT specialists!

At iMakeable, we design web applications in technologies such as React.js, Python, Node.js, React Native, Kotlin, Swift, and Java, but we don't limit ourselves to just these technologies. We can offer you the help of experienced testers, DevOps specialists, Frontend or Backend developers, or even project managers who will take care of your project. Meanwhile, you can focus on what's important for you and your company. The service price will depend on the specific case.

// WHY US?

Why MVP development with iMakeable?

  • 01

    We offer services aimed at the success of products.

  • We understand that in today's world, mere software development and a ready-made application are often not enough to achieve set goals. At iMakeable, we are committed to building long-term business partner relationships and helping startups and companies solve problems in the broadest possible sense - from idea verification, through Product Design, development, to support in scaling solutions and arranging marketing and sales processes. By partnering with us, you won't need to seek multiple different contractors - we can assist with most challenges faced by startups and businesses.

  • 02

    Highest software development standards

  • Our job requires constant quality control of the code we write - hence, a senior-level specialist, who has completed at least several projects in their career, oversees each project. We conduct regular Code Reviews, approved by at least two other individuals. In every project, we use at least three environments - development, pre-production, and production - and thanks to our quality assurance processes, we know that the production environment will be error-free.

  • 03

    Verified team

  • We are familiar with our products and constantly develop our team. We have dedicated developer teams for each project, so their further development is not a problem for us. Thanks to a refined recruitment process, we are confident that our team consists of the best specialists in their field who align with our work culture. Every quarter, we also verify our competencies, which helps us understand our direction of development.

  • 04

    Agile Development

  • We work according to the Agile methodology, tailored to the specific needs of our previous clients. We adjust to changes and requirements that arise during collaboration. Typically, we work in two-week iterations - and after each iteration, you'll receive ready-made functionalities that will gradually make up a complete application.

We will help with your IT project!

Web and mobile app projects are our specialty. We can assist you in a broad range when it comes to IT project implementation - no matter your needs, we will adapt to you.

The first step to collaboration is a conversation where we get to know your project better and gather information about the problems that the finished product should solve. We will also answer any questions you might have about your project and the collaboration.

Let's discuss your project!

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