What is MVP Development?

MVP Development is the most efficient way to create a new product or validate a business objective. It involves the development of an application with exclusively the core functionalities – to solve the target users' most pressing issues. Through MVP application development, we can identify the actual user experience and requirements low-cost, and based on feedback, systematically implement changes so that the project's further development path is commercially viable. Thus, we may reduce both the cost and implementation time needed to produce the MVP by limiting the number of functionalities – without sacrificing the application's quality. An application MVP creation can take from two weeks to several months, depending on the project's complexity and functionality count.


When and why would you want to create an MVP of an application?

Virtually every web or mobile app project kicks off with an MVP stage. A cornerstone of any successful app is achieving product-market fit – creating a product that truly meets the users' needs. It is virtually impossible to fully pinpoint what functionality users need without gathering feedback and verifying that they genuinely use the app.

An app MVP allows you to minimise the risk of investing money in an application with functionalities that do not appeal to its target users and with no chance of ROI. MVP Development allows you to verify your business assumptions and precisely plan subsequent project development – thus, mitigating the risk of incurring substantial costs for developing an app that would not be fully utilised. Furthermore, MVP Development enables you to validate your concept against the market and demonstrate traction to investors with short time-to-market and low project expenses.


How do you carry out MVP Development?

At iMakeable, we excel at creating MVPs for mobile and web applications. We fully grasp the importance of having a clear budget, short time-to-market, fast product monetisation and low user churn for you.

We designed processes that allow us to deliver web and mobile app MVPs in no time. We know that simple user solutions matter when creating app MVPs – that's why we particularly emphasise the functionality idea refinement before we begin our work. In doing so, we are fully flexible and transparent in our approach: you will be kept informed about the progress of the work and if necessary – there are no impediments to altering the direction in which we proceed with the app.


When can we help you with your app MVP?

  • 01

    You have an initial app vision that can solve your audience's problems, but it is not complete,

  • 02

    Your team does not have the know-how and knowledge necessary to produce an application,

  • 03

    You wish to be consulted on the app design or require the support of a dedicated specialist,

  • 04

    You want to reach product-market fit as soon as possible and verify your business objectives or minimise the risk of project failure,

  • 05

    You do not have a dedicated team consisting of application Developers, Designers and Testers,

  • 06

    You do not wish to allocate resources to build a team without confidence in the project's success,

  • 07

    You would like to reduce time-to-market and require support with the MVP creation to demonstrate traction to investors,

  • 08

    You would like to enhance your pre-existing application and require a consultation on your development strategy.

Let's create a new project together!

The first step to our collaboration is a conversation to learn more about your project and gather information on the issues you want the finished product to address. We would also answer your questions about your project and our cooperation.

Right from the start, you are going to be advised by Maks Konarski – our CEO/Co-founder, with years of experience as a Software Developer and IT Consultant, who will introduce you to the team of specialists at the next meeting – and together, we will fine-tune the scope of functionalities that the MVP should contain. We prepare the materials gathered during our sessions to prepare a cost estimation and present it to you no more than three weeks after your e-mail request.

Let's discuss your project!

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Why should you opt for MVP development with iMakeable?


What is the MVP development process in iMakeable?



We work together to plan the MVP of the project!

    • Consultation and definition of business goals
    • Analysis and project planning
    • User research
    • Development of the project task list
    • Selection of technologies and tools for the project
    • Offer presentation and project estimation
    • Decision regarding cooperation

We have developed an effective process, based on our experience, whereby we gather all the necessary information to prepare an offer and a detailed project cost estimate.

During such meetings, we determine the following together with you and our specialist team:

  • Communication method
  • Project objective and the problem the application is designed to solve
  • Potential challenges to overcome together
  • Project specification and scope of functionalities in the MVP
  • Selection of the core technologies used in the project
  • Project cost estimation and cooperation form

As a rule, the aforementioned process does not exceed two weeks. We usually need about three meetings set up with you to prepare the estimate - however, the exact number may vary depending on the project's complexity. Once we have received the cost estimate, we will decide the future of our collaboration.



Let's start working on the MVP!

    • Tools configuration
    • Summary of project assumptions
    • Introduction of the team of specialists
    • Definition of project roadmap and next steps
    • Definition of communication and development processes

We kick off every MVP project with a meeting with the team of specialists dedicated to summarising the project goals and objectives as well as identifying the functionality roadmap. Then you become familiar with the role of each specialist in the project. We will also define the methods of work planning and communication within the project and guide you through the subsequent steps.



Let's create your product!

    • Sprint planning - iteration planning and task allocation
    • Design and development
    • Preparation of test scenarios
    • Testing and QA
    • Implementation of new functionalities and changes
    • Verification of completed output

During development, we plan and assign tasks to the specialists involved in the project. We start working on the application's design and functionalities and then verify their performance. At the end of each iteration, we incrementally implement additional functionalities and present our work results during regular demo meetings. We review the implemented functionalities after each iteration and plan the next one - until we complete all the assignments within the project. If the project scope needs to be modified - we add tasks to the next iteration.



Let's show users our project!

    • Collection of data from analysis tools
    • Provision of technical and design documentation
    • Collection of user feedback

We implement the ready-made application in the production environment to grant access to it to the target users. We hand over the technical documentation created during the project - containing a detailed description of the finished code - and the project documentation - describing the operation of the functionalities created by us. We plan how we would like to collect feedback from users of the application.



Let's create new functionalities for your users!

    • Planning of modifications and new functionalities based on the collected data
    • Application maintenance
    • Next stage project development cooperation
    • Product scaling and process establishment

After collecting user feedback and data via analytical tools, we verify whether we have met user expectations. At this stage, we validate that the assumptions and business goals of the MVP project have been fulfilled and, if necessary, plan adjustments to fulfil them. Once we verified the product market, we work on new functionality to augment the MVP project into a comprehensive user solution. We even provide support in designing the processes internally within your project and assist in structuring the sales and marketing of the application.


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