Node.js Software Development

See what advantages Node.js can provide!

Why we use Node.js?

Ease of use

Scalable technology

Variety of solutions

Great amount of useful libraries

Based on JavaScript

How we use node.js in iMakebale?

Node.js is an environment based on the Chrome V8 engine, enabling the running of JavaScript code outside a web browser.

Why use node.js?

Node.js is perfect for the fast development of MVP versions using standard libraries.

Why should you use Node.js?

Node.js is just JavaScript running outside the web browser, with additional modules allowing us to process data directly from your device. If you need to quickly develop a simple REST API, you should definitely see Express.js framework. Node.js also has a great Puppeteer library, allowing you to scrap data from various Internet websites. There are many potential solutions Node.js can provide, and if you worked with JavaScript before, you will see that it’s really simple.

Security microservices in Node.js

4 benefits of Node.js you should know

Various applications

Node.js can be used in the development of a very broad range of applications. It is commonly used in the development of microservices or in API backend applications. It is also worth mentioning that many modern frameworks use Node.js as a basis.

NPM libraries

While working with Node.js, many programmers tend to use external libraries on the NPM (Node Packaged Modules) platform. Since Node.js is based on Javascript, we can use most JS libraries, unless they use browser functions. It is also possible to use many popular frameworks like Express.js and Socket.io.

Fast MVP development and scalability

If you have an idea for your business application and would like to see if it will fulfill the needs of your clients, Node.js is a perfect solution for developing a simple MVP version. The development process with Node.js allows you to build your MVP version very quickly, and if your clients will like it, you can scale it to a more advanced version with ease!

Freedom of choice

Node.js allows for the use of TypeScript if it is needed in your project. You can also create JavaScript classes or other functions typical for JavaScript. MongoDB, PostgreSQL or MySQL databases can also be used with Node.js, but you are not limited to just them!

Node.js allows us to use TypeScript if the need arises. We can also write JavaScript classes or JavaScript-specific functions. When it comes to databases, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL are used most often with Node.js, but there are other options!

Node.js at iMakeable

See how have we used Node.js in Imakeable's projects!

Node.js is a generic technology that can be used to solve many problems. Its scalability and ease of creating small applications is very important for us. Usually, we choose Node.js for creating APIs, scrappers or CLI (Command Line Interface) applications which make our employees’ work easier.


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