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What are web applications?

Web applications are services which can offer more possibilities than standard internet websites. The main advantage of web applications is that they do not need to be installed on the user’s personal device. A web browser with an internet connection is the only requirement. Many of the big websites or internet services you know are actually web applications! The most popular ones include Facebook, Google tools like Sheets and Gmail, and Amazon services. Web applications usually have backend and frontend layers. Frontend is responsible for visualizing data and sending it to the server application. The business logic and data processing is usually done by the backend layer.  

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Benefits of web applications for your business

The easiest way to improve your company’s efficiency is by going digital. At iMakeable, we can help you by designing a web application for your company. By using modern web applications which are custom-made for your needs, your employees will complete their everyday tasks faster and with more ease. While our web applications are intuitive and easy to use, their speed is usually dictated by your internet connection.

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Best technologies for creating web applications

At iMakeable, we develop web applications with React.js, Angular, Python, Node.js or Java, but we are not limited by these technologies. We always choose the best solution for each case and explain our reasoning to our clients.


Implementing and Developing
Web Applications

We usually implement our applications using Amazon Web Services. If part of the client’s app already utilizes a different environment, this is not a problem. We also use tools like Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. The technology we choose is dependent on each specific case, as we do not limit ourselves to a select few technologies.

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Documentation & project setup
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Creating web applications requires introducing employees to a finished product. At iMakeable, we always prepare precise documents about the app for each client. If the need arises, we teach our clients how to use the app and prepare exact, written instructions. Any application we create is extremely intuitive and most do not necessitate such procedures!

The vast majority of applications we create are developed further by our clients. Whether they want to enhance existing functions or add new ones, we always ensure that the scaling of our applications is a piece of cake. This is especially important for startups, as they often adapt certain functions after their implementation. When you work with us, adaptation is always possible!

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Frontend development

To create the frontend part of the application, we usually use React.js and Angular 2+. We use React in projects where the frontend aspect requires a lot of interactivity and when the MVP version is required as soon as possible. React’s greatest strengths lie in libraries like “styled-components” and React Hooks, which significantly accelerate the application development process. React.js is perfect for creating applications like CRM systems or online stores based on frameworks such as Gatsby.js. We use Angular to build web applications with an extensive frontend, where we can make the most of ready-made components from libraries such as Angular Material. One of Angular’s advantages is its modularity, which enables the avoidance of certain problems related to the integration of functions into larger projects. An excellent example of using Angular for web applications is an ERP system for a logistics company, which requires the integration of many functionalities with a clear user interface.

Backend development

For most projects, we use Python or Node.js to create the backend architecture. Python is a fantastic technology for a wide range of projects. It is widely used to create the backend aspects of applications concerning Machine Learning or Blockchain. We mostly use Python for projects with complex business logic, which benefit from a strict focus on the implementation of functions. Due to its simplicity, Python often enables us to avoid many technical issues. Our Social Media app for athletes is a great example of Python usage for web applications. Node.js is a technology that enables the activation of JavaScript without a browser. It’s a great tool for quickly creating MVP versions, which can then be scaled. Node.js is a generic solution and has proven to be a great choice in many different cases.

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What can we do with web applications?

Admin panel
Admin panels allow for the modification of content of various individual web pages or mobile applications. By creating a custom admin panel or CMS, you can freely edit the content of your site or application, even if you are not familiar with programming.
E-commerce almost always requires the help of skilled web developers to customize your online shop. Online marketplaces and e-commerce websites are the most popular examples of web applications.
Business applications
Tools like custom CRM, ERP or communicators will improve your company workflow and increase your employees' efficiency by making their everyday tasks easier.
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