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What are web applications?

Web applications are services which can offer us more possibilities than standard Internet websites. The main advantage of web applications is that they do not need to be installed on the user’s personal device. A web browser with an Internet connection is the only requirement. Many of big websites or Internet services you know are actually web applications! The most popular ones include Facebook, Google tools like Sheets and Gmail or Amazon services. Web applications most often have backend and frontend layers. Frontend is responsible for data visualization and sending it to the server application. The business logic and data processing is usually done by backend layer.  

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Benefits of web applications for your business

The easiest way to improve your company efficiency is going digital. As iMakeable, we can help you with designing web application for your company. By using modern web applications which are custom-made for your needs your employees will do their everyday tasks faster and easier. Our web applications are intuitive and easy to learn, and their speed is most often dictated by your Internet connection.

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Best technologies for creating web applications

In iMakeable we develop web applications with React.js, Angular, Python, Node.js or Java, but we are not limited to these technologies. We always choose the best solution for a specific case and will explain our choice for our clients to make sure they know why we will use specific technology in their case.

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Web application development in iMakeable

Scheduling a call
At the beginning of our cooperation we prepare a detailed specification of our clients needs. It will contain a detailed list of features that should be included in the minimal viable product (MVP) version and the final application version.

Signing the agreement
We present a detailed plan of our work with well-described budget for each of presented task in the project. At this point we set our deadlines and the dates of meetings at which we present our current work. Finally, we sign an agreement which describes our liabilities in regard to our clients.
Presentation of app wireframes
At the very beginning of our work we prepare wireframes which present the user interface with proposed graphical design. Our mission is to change the average application and website design to be more creative - hence our work is always original and distinguishable.
Product development
At this point we consecutively prepare iterations of code and implement functionalities described in our plan of work.

Application testing
We perform unit and integration tests for every finished functionality and iteration of our application. Finally, we upload the current version of the application to test server as a first version of MVP.

Delivering a finished app for our satisfied client
After deploying our product and making sure that every process was successfully finished we gain another satisfied client!

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What can we do with web applications?

Admin panel
Admin panels allow to modify the content of various individual web pages or mobile applications. By creating custom admin panel or CMS you can freely edit the content of your site or application even if you are not familiar with programming.
E-commerce almost always require help of skilled web developers in order to customize your online shop. Online marketplaces and e-commerce websites are the most popular example of web applications.
Business applications
Tools like custom CRM, ERP or communicators will often improve your company workflow and will increase your employees efficiency by making their everyday tasks easier.
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