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iOS & watchOS application design

iOS is the second biggest mobile device operating system.  If you would like to develop your own iOS application – we can deliver it. Our offer includes application development services for the whole family of Apple products: iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Apple TV. By using our services you won’t need to spend your precious time on building your own iOS development team. 

Designing your business app for iOS and Apple Watches
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iOS app development

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// Creating an iOS app

Designing an application for iOS

After preparing a detailed list of functionalities, listing design specifications, and determining which functionalities should be included in the minimum product version, we shift our attention to the application design. In the case of mobile applications, we particularly focus on their design. The UX/UI of mobile applications is extremely important due to their specific nature. Most mobile applications are used outside of the office and must be easy to use.

After preparing detailed application mockups that show the client what his future application will look like, we discuss the application architecture within the team. Typically, iOS applications use the MVC: Model-view-controller pattern. This architecture breaks the application down into separate “parts” – UI, data, and code, making it easier to develop the application further. At this stage, we also prepare a specification for implementing the application into the App Store. This stage is often wrongly overlooked by developers and usually requires a lot of tweaks at the end of the application development process. At iMakeable, we always make sure our apps meet Apple’s requirements regarding performance, security, and other relevant issues.

After selecting the application’s architecture, we always create the MVP version: the minimum valuable product that will enable the app’s introduction to the market and the inflow of the first customers. At this stage, we focus on the flawless implementation of basic functionalities. We check whether our UX/UI design suits the application’s users and, if necessary, we make any corrections. Usually, these are minor changes, as our designers always follow Apple’s interface guidelines

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Technologies we use for iOS mobile apps

At iMakeable, we design iPhone and Apple Watch applications using Swift and React Native, depending on whether the client would like a fully native solution or would prefer to deploy their application to other systems. Our developers will choose the best solution for your individual case – we always make sure that our clients understand why we use a certain technology for their projects.

// Improving your business with mobile apps

How can mobile applications improve your business?

Social media
Internet-based social media apps allow a certain community (like your employees or clients) to quickly communicate and share ideas, thoughts and information such as documents, videos and photos. Creating your own social media application allows you to stay in touch with your clients' needs and respond to their feedback almost instantly.
E-commerce will almost always benefit from a mobile application - a high share of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. All big e-commerce players use custom mobile e-commerce apps instead of responsive websites.
Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are web applications intended to work on any platform - including mobile devices, web browsers or desktop applications. Using PWAs enables native-app users to experience cross-platform applications.

Industry applications
There are many situations in which mobile apps can improve your employees' work efficiency, for instance by integrating barcode scanners with sophisticated ERP systems in your production department or warehouses.

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