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The Android OS is the biggest mobile device operating system with over 70% of market share. It is widely used in smartphones, e-readers, consoles, TVs and additional household electronics.

If you would like to develop your own Android application – we can deliver it. Our offer includes application development services for many different Android products. By using our services you won’t need to spend your precious time on building your own Android development team. 

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Android application development

We have done numerous Android applications for our clients. If you would be interested in cooperation, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail!

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Creating applications for Android

When creating an application for Android devices, start with the selection of the target platform. Creating a native Android application that will run exclusively on this platform may seem like a good starting point. In most cases, we propose to use technologies that enable the creation of cross-platform applications. React Native is a great choice for creating an application that will run on both iOS and Android platforms. Contrary to initial appearances, such a solution may turn out to be less expensive. When writing native applications, we are forced to create a separate application for each system!

Cross-platform applications use web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to emulate the behavior of a web application on each system in the most natural way possible. However, they have certain limitations. For the application to work properly, it requires a permanent connection to the Internet. Additionally, in unique cases, cross-platform applications may have limited possibilities in terms of integration with the target device.

Native Android applications built in Java or Kotlin are more responsive, faster and more secure. By creating native mobile applications and working with stable, proven technologies, we achieve better integration with the device. This is a good solution when we want an application of the highest quality. Updating and maintaining applications on each separate system will be more expensive than in the case of cross-platform applications.

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Best technologies for Android app development

Kotlin, Java, Flutter and React Native are our technologies of choice for developing and designing Android applications. In every case we choose the optimal solution and explain our choice, as we believe that our clients should know why we make certain decisions.

// Improving your business with mobile apps

How mobile applications can improve your business?

Social media
Internet-based social media apps allow a certain community (like your employees or clients) to quickly communicate and share ideas, thoughts and information such as documents, videos and photos. Creating your own social media application allows you to stay in touch with your clients' needs and respond to their feedback almost instantly.
E-commerce will almost always benefit from a mobile application - a high share of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. All big e-commerce players use custom mobile e-commerce apps instead of responsive websites.
Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are web applications intended to work on any platform - including mobile devices, web browsers or desktop applications. Using PWAs enables native-app users to experience cross-platform applications.

Industry applications
There are many situations in which mobile apps can improve your employees' work efficiency, for instance by integrating barcode scanners with sophisticated ERP systems in your production department or warehouses.

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