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Mobile applications can supply additional possibilities for your company. Nowadays, we spend more time with our hand-held devices such as mobile phones or tablets (both iOS and Android) than with our personal computers. There are many advantages of a custom mobile app for your business. For example, you do not have to bring your laptop to a business meeting and you can keep in touch with your clients around the globe by using mobile devices, at home or on the go!

At iMakeable, we develop mobile apps for all platforms, including Android, iOS, and watchOS. User experience and feature reliability are our main focus. Mobile applications developed by our team always have an interesting design which stands out to the average user.

Business mobile app development
Why would you need a mobile app in your company?
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Why does your business need a mobile application?

Mobile device applications can streamline the work of your managers, sales reps, employees who use advanced computer systems, and those who lack proper tools. Imagine a situation in which your production department employees need to use computers to mark their tasks as completed. Wouldn’t it be more efficient if they had a mobile device capable of communicating with their supervisors through a custom “to do list” application, which would automatically inform other employees that the current task is completed? 

This is just an example of how we can improve your business. At iMakeable, we design modern, sleek and intuitive mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices

By using custom-made modern web applications suited to your needs, your employees will finish their everyday tasks faster and more easily.

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Mobile Applications at iMakeable

Before creating a mobile application, it is important to choose the target platform: Android, iOS, or any other. While we implement applications for both platforms, we use various technologies to do so. If our clients want a multi-platform app, we typically choose React Native. In this fashion, we can quickly prepare the MVP version of a project for both platforms while limiting costs for our client. If the project involved has a more complicated business logic, it can be beneficial to use native technologies for the given platform, such as Swift, Java, or Kotlin. This is not always necessary, as applications created in React Native work just as well as those created in other technologies!

Most of our clients want to add additional functions to their apps after we have delivered the project. This is not a problem! Our applications are specifically created in such a fashion that adding further functions, modules, or applications will never be an issue. Determining customers’ needs is important to us from the very beginning of our relationship and we make every effort to enable the further development of our projects. 

// How do we create mobile applications?

Best technologies for creating modern mobile applications

At iMakeable, we develop web applications with React Native, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter and Java, but we do not limit ourselves to these technologies. We always analyze each case individually and choose the best-suited technology, explaining the reasoning behind it to our clients.

// Improving your business with mobile apps

How can mobile applications improve your business?

Social media
Internet-based social media apps allow a certain community (like your employees or clients) to quickly communicate and share ideas, thoughts and information such as documents, videos and photos. Creating your own social media application allows you to stay in touch with your clients' needs and respond to their feedback almost instantly.
E-commerce will almost always benefit from a mobile application - a high share of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. All big e-commerce players use custom mobile e-commerce apps instead of responsive websites.
Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are web applications intended to work on any platform - including mobile devices, web browsers or desktop applications. Using PWAs enables native-app users to experience cross-platform applications.

Industry applications
There are many situations in which mobile apps can improve your employees' work efficiency, for instance by integrating barcode scanners with sophisticated ERP systems in your production department or warehouses.

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