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Mobile Apps for the Android Platform

Android OS is the most popular system for mobile devices - over 70% of all mobile devices run on Android. It is used in smartphones, e-readers, consoles, televisions (Android TV), and many other electronic home devices.

If you're interested in creating your own mobile app for Android - we can help. As part of our services, we develop applications for various Android devices. With our services, you won't have to spend your valuable time building a mobile app development team!

Developing applications for the android system

When creating an application for Android devices, you should start by choosing the target platforms. Creating a native Android application, which will only run on this platform, might seem like a good starting point. However, in most cases, we recommend using technologies that allow the creation of applications for multiple platforms simultaneously. React Native is an excellent choice for developing an app that will work on both platforms - iOS and Android. Contrary to appearances, this solution might turn out to be less costly in the end - when writing native apps, we are forced to create a separate application for each system!

Cross-platform applications use web technologies - HTML, CSS, JavaScript - to emulate the behavior of a web application on each system in the most natural way possible. However, it should be noted that they have certain limitations. For the application to work correctly, a constant internet connection is required.

Additionally, in specific cases, cross-platform applications may have limited capabilities in terms of integration with the target device.

Native apps for the Android system developed in Java or Kotlin are more responsive, faster, and safer. By creating native mobile apps, we opt for better device integration, working with stable, tried-and-true technologies. It's a good solution when we are keen on achieving the best possible quality of our application. It's important to remember that updating and maintaining apps for each system will involve higher costs than for cross-platform applications.


Technologies for Android Applications.

Kotlin, Java, Flutter, and React Native are our most common choices when designing mobile applications for Android. In each case, we select the most optimal technology and explain why we made such a choice – we believe that our clients should be fully aware of why we make specific decisions.


React.js is a frontend technology based on JavaScript, which we use to build complex user interfaces in web applications. React.js allows us to create fast, efficient, and scalable applications that are easy to maintain due to their modular code structure. React.js is b...


Java is a programming language that works particularly well in large-scale projects where the system is to be made available to a broad audience due to easier maintenance and application scalability and native security solutions. This is why Java is often used in Fintec...


Flutter is a mobile application development framework developed by Google that allows for simultaneous development for both Android and iOS platforms. It's based on the Dart language and is known for its highly efficient rendering and flexible widgets that enable the cr...


Kotlin is a modern programming language primarily designed for creating applications on the Android platform, although it has also found use in server application development. It features a clean syntax rooted in Java, but is more concise and offers numerous functionali...


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