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IT Services for your needs

Web Development

We create services and web apps which make your daily work easier.

QA & Testing

Our multistage test process yields applications which are 100% functional without any hassle.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications designed for both iOS, Android and many other devices.

IT Consultancy

Our services include consultancy in terms of IT projects. We can help you with creation of your software, provide training for your team and suggest your next steps.

UI/UX Design

We design user interfaces that are clear, modern and intuitive.

Dedicated Team

If you need help of experienced Software Developers (or even a whole team!) in your project - we can deliver it. It does not matter if it will last for several months or even just for a day.

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Web apps

Web applications are services which can offer us more possibilities than standard Internet websites. The main advantage of web applications is that they do not need to be installed on the user’s personal device. A web browser with an Internet connection is the only requirement. 

In iMakeable we develop web applications with React.js, Angular, Python, Node.js or Java, but we are not limited to these technologies.

Web app development from Wroclaw with iMakeable
Create your dream mobile app with us!

Mobile apps

In iMakeable we develop mobile apps for all platforms (Android, iOS, watchOS and other). User experience and feature reliability is our main focus. Mobile applications developed by our team always have interesting design which does not feel dull for an average user. React Native, Swift and Kotlin are our main dev tools for mobile apps.

UI/UX Design

Our mission is to change the average application and website design to be more creative, so our work is always original and distinguishable. We would never offer unnecessary features that will do nothing for you. We are sure that iMakeable products and design will be the correct answer for your needs.

You will certainly love apps designed by iMakeable
QA & software testing services by iMakeable

QA & Testing

Every application we work on in iMakeable is thoroughly tested in order to make sure that we deliver a working solution for our client’s needs. We cover manual and automated tests – including i.e. end-to-end and unit tests.

IT Consultancy

Do you have an idea on the border of IT and new technologies, but you lack resources to implement it? Feel free to contact us – we can provide consultancy and human resources to implement your project. We can also advise you in terms of Software Development, employees training and point you into the right direction.

Developing your products with iMakeable
Professional code review and many more by iMakeable

Dedicated Team

Our team consists of specialists in many branches of IT – Software Developers, DevOps, testers, designers, project managers and service technicians.  We can offer you our Team’s support – whenever it is for one day or several months, one person or a whole team. Just let us know – we can create your own team for your project. The price we will quote you depends on a specific case.

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We are always looking for bright-minded Software Developers, DevOps, UX/UI Designers, Project Managers and Application Testers. We don’t require any strict working hours, your work can be 100% remote (we make really good coffee though. 
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