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IT outsourcing services

There are many different cases in which your company would potentially benefit from outsourcing IT services. If you need to grow your team in a short period of time, our specialists are a perfect match for your project. We can be your IT outsourcing company for a part of your project or even fully take care of it. 

If you are looking for additional Software Developers, DevOps engineers, testers, designers or project managers – you’ve come to a right place! We can offer you complex IT outsourcing services in any case – we know exactly how this kind of cooperation should look like. It doesn’t matter if you need our help for one day or several months or if you need your developers to be full remote or on-site. Just let us know – we can create your own IT team for your project – or just let you use one of our employees. 

Outsource the best coders for your project with iMakeable
Helping your project by outsourcing with iMakeable
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Outsourcing in IT has never been easier.

We would be more than happy to help you. 

Our workflow is very simple. We will need to know just a few things:

  • What should we help you with?
  • How many hours in week should we cover?
  • For how long do you need our help?
  • When can we start?

It’s that simple.  Depending on individual case, we can help you in small tasks with work time counted in days or even up to few years. We can work together on a full time basis, or even for a few hours a week. Our team covers a broad range of technologies – ranging from Frontend (Angular, Javascript etc.) through Backend (Node.js, Python) to DevOps engineers. We can also provide you with experienced project managers and team leaders who have worked on many different IT projects. 

At our site, our cooperation will be led by designated project coordinator which will cover planning our work, choose the best fitting employee for your purposes and will stay in touch with you. As a result, outsourcing your IT projects to iMakeable not only allows you to quickly reinforce your team but to choose from many different specialists.

// What can we cover?

Work with experienced IT specialists!

In iMakeable we develop web and mobile applications with React.js, Angular, Python, Node.js, React Native, Kotlin, Swift or Java, but we are certainly not limited to these technologies. We can offer you services of skilled software test engineers, DevOps, Frontend and Backend developers or even project managers who will take care of your product, so you can focus on other work. The price range will depend on a specific case. 

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IT Outsourcing with iMakeable

Scheduling a call
At the beginning of our cooperation we prepare a detailed specification containing a detailed list of our clients needs which we will be responsible for. We present a detailed plan of our work with well-described budget for each of presented task in the project. Finally, we sign an agreement which describes our liabilities in regard to our clients.
Setting everything up
After signing the agreement we set up all communication media which we will use in our project such as Slack, Clockify, Trello, Gitlab or others. When everything is ready, our employees begin their work. Our clients always have a full insight in our work - we believe that you should be always informed what is the current status of your project!

Development of your product
At this point we consecutively perform our tasks. We prepare regular reports which will cover the amount of hours we have worked on your project and tell you what we have already done, what we are doing right now and what part of your project has to be finished yet. We always prepare a detailed list of all issues we have encountered which will need to be fixed. Most importantly - we will provide solutions for these problems!
Delivering a great solution
for our satisfied client
After presenting our work, implementing our solutions and making sure that every process was successfully finished we gain another satisfied client!

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Order your tailor-made web application!

Our team is fully dedicated to leave you with nothing but satisfaction. Working with trustworthy professionals guarantees the highest possible standards.

Our primary directive is to meet all of our client requirements, no matter if they are related to writing code, graphic design or just consultancy. 

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