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IT support for your company

Do you have an idea bordering on IT and new technologies, but you lack the resources to implement it? Have you considered implementing new IT solutions in your company, but have never had the time to do so? Is your project already a work in progress, but your development team signals that you will not be able to meet your deadlines? Feel free to contact us – we can discuss your project and guide you in the right direction. 

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Developing your products with iMakeable
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At iMakeable, we have completed over 20 international projects and our clients are willing to keep working with us. Our services include consultancy for IT projects. Whether work on your project has already begun, is finished or everything needs to be started from scratch, we can always advise you in terms of what has to be done and what potential problems could arise. We can help you develop your software, provide IT support for your company, train your team, perform code reviews and suggest your next steps. Our highly skilled programmers are willing to take care of your project!

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Consultancy, code review and many more

We always aim to meet the highest expectations. To this day, we have helped our clients with:

Strategic planning of IT projects

Software development

HR advice

Mobile and web app code review 

Preparation of IT project specifications

Project condition and code review

Professional code review and many more by iMakeable
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IT projects delivered
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Technologies we work with

At iMakeable, we have completed dozens of web and mobile applications with React.js, Angular, Python, Node.js or Java, but our team also works with many other technologies. We can advise you or review your application’s code and thoroughly explain anything which catches our attention. 

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IT Consulting with iMakeable

Scheduling a call
At the beginning of our cooperation, we prepare a project specification containing a detailed list of our client's needs that we will be responsible for. We present a detailed plan of our work with a well-described budget for each task. At this point we set our deadlines and the dates of meetings at which we will present the results of our efforts. Finally, we sign an agreement which describes our liabilities in regard to our clients.
Setting everything up
After signing the agreement, we set up all communication media which we will use in our project, such as Slack, Trello, Gitlab and any others. When everything is ready, we begin reviewing the code and preparing the first report for our client which will include all of the potential issues we will examinine. Our clients always have insight into our work, as we believe that you should always be informed about the current state of your project!
Development of your product
At this point we consecutively perform our tasks, such as reviewing the code of your application, preparing the specification for your projects or assist you with the development process of your code. We prepare regular reports which inform you about what we have already done, what we are doing and what part of your project is yet to be finished. We always prepare a detailed list of all issues we have encountered and which need to be fixed. Most importantly - we provide clear solutions for these problems!
Delivering a great solution
for our satisfied client
After presenting our work, implementing our solutions and ensuring that every process was successfully finished, we gain another satisfied client!

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Bringing your company's IT project to life

Our team is fully dedicated to ensuring you are 100% satisfied. Working with trustworthy professionals guarantees the highest possible standards.

Our primary directive is to meet all of our clients’ requirements, whether they are related to writing code, graphic design or consultancy. 

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